In Front of Me

Video Game, 2021



A creature that was isolated in a room hoped to escape but she understood how dangerous it would be to leave the room.

Eventually her body started to transform and one day she became water and escaped down the drain.

On another day she became the wind and flew out the window to see her family and loved ones who are far away.




※ It was inspired by two women who were living under COVID-19 restrictions.

One of them is a woman from the Philippines who moved to Japan.

She usually visits her home in the Philippines about once a year, but is now unable to return home due to the effects of COVID.

In the meantime, her father, who was still living in the Philippines at the time, has passed away.

She was eager to go back home and visit her father, but couldn’t because of travel restrictions between Japan and the Philippines.


My other friend is a Uyghur woman who also moved to Japan.

Both of her parents are in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and are not allowed to see her.

Their only authorized form of contact is through letters and packages.

She still can’t see her father who she misses and wants to see very much.



Music: Yusaku Arai