Ambiguous Lucy

Video Game, 2021




This is a world where humans, animals, plants and machines melt and fuse into one another in a complementary manner.

Lucy had a reason for choosing the flesh that she has.

She wanted to be a lump of flesh that won’t be categorized by factors such as sex and race.

She shed her skin and began walking in search of a new body.


※ Lucy…the name given to a 3.18 million-year-old fossil skeleton believed to be of an early female Australopithecus.



Voice: Manae Shimizu, Nao Usami

BGM: Chiho Oka






※ ルーシー…アウストラロピテクスの最初期と推定される318万年前の女性の化石人骨につけられた名前。



声:清水 愛恵、宇佐美 奈緒

BGM: 岡 千穂

Photo: OTSUKA Keita

Photo: OTSUKA Keita

Photo: OTSUKA Keita

Photo: OTSUKA Keita