I stitch my skin to the ground

Video Game Project




This project is composed of two video games, “Ambiguous Lucy”(2021) and “Replay over and over” (2023).

Nao created “Ambiguous Lucy” in 2021 at first. She began to question herself about her motives

for creating this work and realized her true motives, which were hidden in her subconscious.

Then "Replay over and over" was created two years later as a prequel.


These two works were showcased simultaneously in one space.

The project was shown in theaters as a single video work.

Each work could also be exhibited and screened individually.

このプロジェクトは、「Ambiguous Lucy」(2021)と「Replay over and over」(2023)の2つのゲーム作品で構成される。

作者は、まず2021年に「Ambiguous Lucy」を制作したあと、この作品を制作した動機を自問自答するようになり、

潜在意識の中に隠されていた本当の動機に気がつく。そして、前日譚として2年後に「Replay over and over」が制作された。





▶︎Replay over and over (2023)

▶︎Ambiguous Lucy (2021)


Trailer (3min)


Trailer English subtitles by Hayley Scanlon, Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy